Starting Year: 372 of the Fourth Age

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Rape of the Sabine Women

Aiden Jovinus’ remarks at the Forum 25th of Enelya, 372:

Archaîon: The city intent on ruling the world, yet incapable of ruling itself! The Tribune Antonine now lies dead. And once again, blue blood has been shed in what is now becoming a commonplace practice amongst those supposed nobles on the Zenith. When our lawmakers forsake discourse in favor of daggers, it goes to show how much the rule of law means nowadays! Where the dragonflights have dropped their responsibilities, it is our solemn duty as real men, to pick them right back up!

My detractors brand me as a firebrand, a purist. Yet I have no delusions; I do not believe that the problems that have marked dragonkind are separate of the problems that have marked humankind. Make no mistake, we are all Archaîans! We have all seen this unprecedented incursion of greed, debauchery, and impiety into our society, and we have all seen the indulgences of our youth whether they be human, elvenkind, halflings, gnomes, or dragons!

As citizens of this great Republic, and as citizens of this world, we have a responsibility to stem and reverse this tide of corruption lest Andromeda comes to save us from ourselves!

In the past 700 years, humanity has been the rising star of Avalore and the token interest of the dragon broods that govern it. With the help of the dragonflights, humans have defied the Elves, repelled the Deredar, and even won the respect of the Dwarves. Through unmatched valor and determination, Archaîon is poised to reign as the sole superpower of Avalore. But now blood, both blue and red, courses through The Zenith, Curia, and alleyways. Human ambitions strain the government to breaking point, while the squabbles of dragons have become of matters of the state. What was once a climb to the top has turned into a game of King of the Hill, as internal factions topple one another in an attempt to gain more and more power than the others have had. The people cry out for help, and like any times of desperation, they need heroes to give them the hope that they will survive through these times.

Q: How do I navigate this?
A: Who cares just create a character.

Q: Well how do I do that?
A: This easy 27-step process will be something we all do together when we meet – maybe. I’ve just provided the outline here so you can theory craft. It’s not really 27 steps, a joke.


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