Last session…
“Last session our heroes squared off against their Rival Charter and a pack of hooligans lead by a troll with varying desires of fortunes and feminine flesh. While the charter was victorious, the Rival Charter managed to get away leaving us at the threshold of the tomb with the Bashing Brothers.”

At 1450 exp (Lv 2)

1/29/2010 Session
The Loss of a Rogue

As the party gathers itself from its pitiful excuse of a fight, they decide to look around. The bard digs his ol’ grimy hands into the chest cavity for his shining shards. Ooooohh how they sparkle and gleam! They continue on their wary way until they encounter some cockney bastard who is cloaked in all black like some goth kid outside of a Hot Topic. He says some mumbo-jumbo and summons up the nastiest Golum and skeleton you have ever seen. “Ooohh my pets, go about your wicked ways,” he says. With that, the Golum shambles his grey self on over towards the party. Taking up courage, the bard begins to inspire everyone for the surely tough battle ahead while Zanya runs in fear as she sees how her fireball is useless against the hulking monstrosity. “It’s immune to magic, you swabs!” she cries. The bear in all of his strength charges around the party and prepares to throw his spear into the beast in a way that would make Captain Ahab proud. WHITE WHALE, HOLY GRAIL! Upon seeing the Ursine creep into the woods for a later strike, the cloaked man disappears. What a bloody coward. Almahlim, in all of the fury of the battle, skims around to a nearby tree where he feels he will be a little safer. The monk blows his horn. Despite his want to get to safety, the rogue is pelted upon by the Goulm’s hulking slab-like fist, but he dodges to the side. The bard, seeing that almost everyone has left him leaving no one in-between himself and the hulking creature, hits the Golum with his whip and runs into the forest following the two elves. Zanya returns and casts blink on the rogues to give the slag a fighting chance. The bear, seeing his chance to strike, impales the Golum and begins the tug-o-war of the century. Or so he thinks! The soft Golum’s flesh allows for the harpoon to slip right out. Worried, he runs over to protect his friends. The rogue, all alone, runs into the other side of the forest and shoots the creature once with a crossbow. Good show, mate! Snipity snipe! Then it got really bored because no one did much for a long time. Then they do. The monk, the barb, the rouge, the bard, and the Ocelot all surround the slag and begin to wail on the poor soul. He didn’t even know what hit ‘em. All he ever wanted was a house, a couple of Golum kids, a nice wife, and a comfy reclining chair. He hasn’t even hurt anyone yet. Nevertheless, he slides into oblivion with these pleasant thought drifting through his mind. He finally found happiness. The plant gets ED and wilts away. Druid is one sad panda. Its dying words ask the druid to harvest the grove for the power he will need. He gets some stuff doing so. The party decides to split up. Rasmus wants to go visit his friend, but Jack and Zanya decide to go to the Bullworks early. The barbarian goes and gives some mad props and bro grabs to his shaman friend. The shaman, Ramuskin, tells them that some bitchy elves are back, the likes of which we have already seen. Wanting to help the party, Ramuskin gives the bear a dream catcher from mother bear. The message urges him to use it when he needs too. The druid makes some stuff like a regular meth chef of death. Everyone meets up in the Bullworks. Jack was getting chummy with the captain and met some guys. They bro-ed out and Jack gave his mask to Ghostwalker in order to make a bro-pact. Brahsome! Jack affirms the party that he has a way to get them through the gate, but Rasmus wants to take the canoe. Anyways, Ghostwaker gives Ahlmalim a razing short sword to show these undead bitches who is boss. Ahlmalim, that’s who. Tony Danza aint got shit on this. The shaman confronts Jack about wealth sharing. Information that is. So, Jack shares the plans of the party and the shaman says that he can sell Jack some revivify that can save one dying person. Anyways, we give the three entrepid cocknies the canoe and decide on a go for broke plan of kickass and awesome. As it goes, the bard will cast fly on four people, the druid will fly, and then Farah will run across the dark way over the wall and slide down the other side of the wall. The plan works better than the Iraq war: super-flawless! So, the party sets up to meet up with the other three explorers at the ron-de-vue. They happen upon an unearthly crater which writhes with green light at the bottom. A suitable landmark for meeting. Arden and his crew show up shortly afterwards. Arden suggests to the bear to ask Ghostwalker where the ruins the party is looking for are. After some cryptic Alzheimers bullshit about the world opening up, he leads us in the right direction. After some sleep, of which Ghostwalker has no part in. Everyone checks up on their fort shit. Everyone does well. It’s like desert storm this time. The landscape grows increasingly warped and generally just not right. Grass is popping up and nothing seems natural. Ghostwalker adds, “Did you know it is spreading?” and goes on to make himself seem important. He adds that the town of Harberthane is only a few miles ahead and suggests that we split as our interests no longer coincide. Ghostwalker chuckles when we arrive at the literal ghost town. He warns that spending the night is well…worse than one in Soddy Daisy if you ain’t Baptist or white. With that, Ghostwalker decides to leave. Arden gives his final farewells and leaves as with his men. The group decides to barricade one of the stores in the ghost town. Jack makes use of his springwall and post-Kodiac uses his strength to move some serious pieces into place. And then Vivek jumps into the ocean because some lady told him to and dies. The End.

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