Tag: Dragon


  • Caius Antoninus

    Caius Antoninus was a politician from [[Archaion | ArchaĆ®on]] that was formerly one of the [[Archaian Republic| Republic's]] ten tribunes. Half _senatores_ half _populares_, his controversial legacy has ranged from being an ideological revolutionary to …

  • Elder Dragonflights

    The Elder Dragonflights refers to the 6 original broods: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. These 6 flights once held great sway over the machinations of Avalore through the congregation of their patriarchs, i.e the [[Solarian Spectrum]]. …

  • Younger Dragonflights

    The Younger Dragonflights is an arbitrary distinction made to describe the sect of dragons that broke off with the [[Solarian Spectrum]] during the Interim of Strife. The [[Jeweled Flights]] and the [[Patricians]] both come from this separatist faction.