Archaîon serves at economic, cultural, and political capital of the [[Archaîan Republic]]. Located within the province of Campagnia, Archaîon lays 100 miles southward of Dun Hoger. The city itself is situated upon large mountain of basalt granite (A crisper looking version of regular granite), hence giving the city a glowing quality. Consequentially, Archaîon is often referred to as: The Pearl City. On a throne of white, Archaîon towers over the surrounding marsh-scape and has come to embody the civilized world. The censure of 370 indicates that there are 953,764 Archaîan residents.

The origins of Archaîon are believed to go as far back as the 1st Age; according to legend, the location already contained a great deal of artifacts, even architecture, that had been left behind by mysterious ancestors. Most notably, the new settlers inherited an intricate system of highways as old was the Precursors that built them. Modern experts generally attribute these achievements to the elves, though the issue remains hotly debated as to who exactly built the foundations of Archaîon.

Most historians believe the city was founded in roughly 2555 of the First Age by a band of elves. Legend says that the elves witnessed a eagle and a snake fight for a fresh mouse under a white oak tree. The eagle flew high above the snake’s reach and was a far better match. Yet, the serpent was coy; as the eagle swooped down, he played dead. Even as the eagle took the rodent, he played dead. Even as the eagle teared at his innards, he played dead. When the time was right the serpent lashed out and bit the eagle with his virulent poison. Distressed, the eagle flew away yet soon dropped to the ground dead. In the end, the snake was victorious and devoured both the eagle, and its meal, whole. Seen as an omen, the elves founded the famous city on the mountain of white.

Demographics and Accommodations
With nearly a million and a half, Archaîon holds the honor of being the largest city in the known world (followed by Visagarde which contains 249,420 residents). A little more than half of its residents are humans, while the second largest portion are Halflings – followed by minorities of the other races.

The Three Tiers of the city, Archaîon features some 40+ districts ranging from the Zenith, at the Highest point of Archaîon, to the Processions Quarter, a swirling maze of catacombs located under the city itself.

Tier One
Tier One sits on the drained-marshlands and contains the majority of the inhabitants of Archaîon. Tier One is divided into two sections: The Eastern and Western fronts. The buildings are of a lower caliber, especially on the Eastern Side, containing a handful of middle class establishments. From the Western Front, one can walk a few miles to the waterfront district. Though it lays some way out of Archaîon, most like to believe it is a contiguous part of the city. Access to Tier One is always available to anyone, day or night.

Tier Two
Tier Two refers to the buildings and establishments that are built within the mountain itself. These establishments are of the middle to upper class suiting. Tier Two hosts a number of grand public works most famous amongst them is the Forum – a gigantic marketplace with an artificial lake in the middle and spacious roads on either side. Victorious armies always parade through the Forum before making their way to the Zenith. Access to Tier Two is available to the public during the day, while residents are free the roam during the evening and night.

Tier Three
Tier Three, better known as the Zenith, sits at the peak of Archaîon. For here, all the affairs of State are handled, truly making it the zenith of the world. Only members of government, or the most influential, are allowed within the Zenith. Minique Theratin is the only exception to the rule, though the Elves that live there rarely have to venture outside.


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