Campagnia, home to the capital [[Archaîon]] is a central province to, not only the republic but also, Avalore itself – a peninsula situated in the center of the [[Merewën]].

Southern Campagnia is a rugged, stucco-colored, land of open skies. Temperatures remain in the 60’s and 70’s all year round; little in this region grows higher than sage brush thickets and olive trees. The further North one goes, the greener the land becomes. Forests, marshes, glades, and more severe weather all become the norm.

A central ridge of mountains runs through the center of the peninsula like a spine. The Columna range is a volcanic ridge of mountains, many of which are sacred sites to Andromeda.

For the First Age, the region was home to Elves. There were said to be elven kingdoms even further west in The Frontiers, though said kingdoms apparently succumbed to the wilderness and Deredar that lived within. Elven records certainly account for a wave of refugees that entered through northern Campagnia, following ‘barbarian invasions’.

In the Second Age, a new wave of refugees would enter the peninsula, though they were not elves at all, but rather, humans. Fate then plays itself out as, over the course of a millenia, the humans ultimately wrest control of the region and its city states from the elves, culminating with the magnanimous declaration of [[Archaîan Republic | the Republic]].


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