“Some of the best men I’ve commanded are Deredar. They call lord me lord and master and are as loyal as any dwarf. Now on the other hand, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate son of a bitches to encounter one in battle, do not show it any mercy for you shall receive none.” -General Donatorix on Deredar.

The Deredar are a race that lives in The Frontiers. They live by a strict code that amounts to survival-of-the-fittest and have often judged neighboring civilizations as too weak to rule – invariably to disastrous effect. They have been called “The Antithesis of Mankind”, by those who believe them to be humankind’s bestial counterpart.

Physical Description
Both genders of deredar stand between 6 and 7 feet tall, with powerful builds and various ‘earthy’ tones for skin color. Some are light green, others gray, a few familiarly pale, while others even have handprint-sized, muddy-colored spots. Their canines often grow long enough to protrude from their mouths, and these ‘tusks’, combined with heavy brows and slightly pointed ears, give them their notoriously bestial appearance. While deredar may be impressive, few ever describe them as beautiful.

A Deredar male

Deredar history is a history of migration. Where they come from is uncertain. What they bring is inevitable. Elven, human, even dwarven cities have all burned under the deredar and the terror that they bring. Even the pearl city, Archaîon was once sacked by the Deredar in opening years of the human republic.

Deredar society is in large part defined by their code of law , ‘The Warriors Creed’ and its three underlying tenants. Tenant one ‘Death’ explains that death from old age is a disappointment, death from battle is glorious, and death from calamity proves the deredar was not strong enough to be worthy of living. Tenant two ‘Duty’ commands that a man’s loyalties lie with primarily with his lord, followed by his battle brothers, and lastly his blood relatives. Tenant three ‘Weakness’ denounces weakness in all its forms: weakness in thought, weakness in action, weakness in dealing with others. For example an apology is a disgusting display of weakness and will only anger the deredar offered it.

Deredar plainly view the other races as weaker and value negotiating with the civilized nations as wolves value negotiating with sheep.

The lands of The Frontiers are host to swamps, bogs, marshes, forests. Wintry places. Rocky places. Places where even the beasts tread with caution. Places where even light cannot go. Perhaps a deserving breeding ground for a race as impressive as the deredar.

Archaîon was once sacked by Deredar, but it is unlikely to happen again.

The Classes
Alchemy is left into the hands of the spiritual caste of Deredar, brewing various salves to prep warriors for battle. Much of what Alchemists do however, like mutagens, borders on the line of sorcery.

Known as Skaldii to their tribal culture, deredar bards act as war heralds, signaling the enemy’s doom, while inciting its own warriors to acts of heroism.

The berserker men. Staple warriors of society and a common path for deredar men to take on their path to war. A favorite of charters.

Deredar occasionally act as Equites in the ranks of the Archaîon army, though most commanders still prefer to leave them on the ground for their penchant at being shock troops. A few Walahoz, take Cavalier orders as opposed to the traditional Way of the Warrior.

Deredar Druids are often the spiritual leaders of their communities, embracing the raw power of nature and endowing its powers to its warriors. Not too many question the druid that goes abroad for adventuring as such men realize that is futile to understand the motivations of a Druid.

Not as common as Barbarians or Walahoz, deredar still respect the lethal merit of well-trained fighter. Though more often than not, the only contact they have with fellow deredar fighters is when they’re fighting a warlord that has sided with Archaîon.

Deredar are perhaps the only race gnomes do not get along with. Perhaps because they are constantly getting scammed by the Glittergold Cartel and getting shot by their gunslingers. Deredar simply cite their strange weapons as ‘Gnomish Sorcery’ and boast that their pathetic arts and crafts will never stop a good Deredar from adding a new head to his collection.

Though deredar are far from the calm, cool, or collected, they aren’t necessarily bad matches for training as monks. Though deredar universally shun the puny elven art, and don’t give a lot of credence to deredar monks – though they would change their mind if they ever saw one in hand to hand combat. Deredar monks are invariably men and women that were raised outside the Frontiers.

Deredar rangers stalk some of the most hostile terrain and their unique bestial qualities make them effective scouts. Any charter or army daft enough to wander into the Frontiers understands that they won’t last a week without the aid of a deredar ranger as a guide.

Deredar despise the non-confrontational, the subtle, the trickery. Any rogue encountering a deredar best not be up to his usual tricks, or at least, get caught at being up to his usual tricks.

Samurai (Walahoz)
In the honor driven warrior-culture of the deredar, none are as so exalted as the Walahoz. Mandated by tradition, they have given their lives to their warlords. And yet they have given the rest of the world something to fear. For when a Deredar Walahoz focuses its resolve, you tend to hope you’re not one of the ‘unfortunate son of a bitches’ to be standing in the way of its goal. There are actually a few disgraced Walahoz; either Ronins, men without a master, or Walahoz that have decided to take on a Cavalier order instead. Both of these cases are where the Walahoz adventurers come from.

A sorcerer gets even more flak from the deredar, that at least view the rogue as exercising some sort of physical prowess. Sorcery is banned in deredar society and any infant bearing a sorcerer’s mark joins the deformed and sickly in the pits of a jagged cliff. Which automatically gives any currently living Deredar Sorcerer a pretty interesting story to tell.

Wizardry is just another form of forbidden sorcery; compounded with the lack of a written language, Deredar wizards are a truly rare sight, if they exist at all.

While deredar courtship is a strange, violent, loveless affair, it is incomparable to the birth. When a deredar is born, the infant is first checked for health. Any signs of weakness, deformities, sickliness and the baby is taken from her mother and dashed off a cliff. I am told that such occasions will never happen if the wife is strong and healthy enough. The deredar is then distinguished from a boy or a girl. The girls are ushered off to learn motherhood. For the boys, the elder brings the liver of a freshly slain beast and breaks it over the child. He watches how the the blood flows, how the infant reacts, and checks the infant twice over for any birthmarks. What the seer is looking for is exceedingly rare. I am also told a hundred deredar children can be born before one is found. But if the auguries read true, then the infant is immediately taken under his apprenticeship to learn the shamanistic ways.

-Historian Aníon, ‘Accounts of the Deredar’ the birth of a child

Racial Traits

  • +3 Strength, +1 Constitution, -1 Charisma: Deredar are quite strong and hardy yet a bit duller than other races.
  • First Blood: Once per day when reduced to below zero hp, a Deredar can tap into a near superhuman reservoir of ferocity and become affected as a barbarian’s ‘Rage’ for (3 + Con) rounds. This ability levels as if the character were a barbarian of an equivalent level, and if the Deredar is a barbarian, these act as extra rounds for rage. Starting at lv 4 and every fourth after, the Deredar gains a bonus ‘Rage Power’ to invest in this temporary rage. (Replaces Orc Ferocity)
  • Illiterate: Deredar are illiterate and do not have a written language.
  • Low Light Vision: Deredar can see twice as far as humans in dim conditions. (Replaces Darkvision)
  • Muscled: Deredar are simply gigantic. Each one said to possess the strength of two men. Deredar are considered one size category larger (when beneficial) for purposes of wielding weapons, CMB, CMD, any effects dependent on size such as ‘swallow whole’.
  • Scent: Deredar gain the ‘Scent ability’
  • Rugged: Deredar receive an additional 8 hp at 1st level.
  • Rest can be found in Core Rulebook under ‘Half Orc’; simply replace ‘Orc’ with ‘Deredar’.

(Ask DM about alternate racial traits)

Male: Aoaki, Galvangar, Kaido, Kakjind, Mastumōtan Nikōro
Female: Aoaka, Garotha, Garoka


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