Elder Dragonflights

The Elder Dragonflights refers to the 6 original broods: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. These 6 flights once held great sway over the machinations of Avalore through the congregation of their patriarchs, i.e the Solarian Spectrum. Nowadays their de facto successors, the Patricians, are throughly entrenched in the affairs of Avalore through the Republic.

The Red Flight
Wardens over fire. The Red brood are a proud, proactive voice of the Spectrum. None soared higher and few crashed harder than the Red Flight did in the aftermath of the Interim, forced from their volcanic dwellings within civilization by priests of Andromeda.

The Orange Flight
Wardens over time. The Orange Flight are the most reclusive of the dragon broods, preferring to observe the permutations of the timeline to the ground dwellers; as of consequence, they have no successor flight within the Patricians and never tasted the pang of defeat in the Interim of Strife, for there were no stakes for those that make their lairs in the clouds.

The Yellow Flight
Wardens of the sky. To everyone’s surprise, the first of the dragons to separate from the Spectrum came from the Yellow Flight when members of the Topaz Flight raised issue with how dragonkind should be allowed to interact with elvenkind. The Yellow Flight had a fair stake in the lives of Vaebon, though their roost, the Valley of the Shifting Sands, was never within the reach of civilization.

The Green Flight
Wardens of flora and fauna. The Green Flight’s affinity and aptitude with the birds and beasts of nature would seemingly incline them to resemble the reclusive Orange Flight; however on the contrary, the Green Flight is at the forefront of Spectrum politics, their roost, the Glade of the Ancients, hosts the congregation itself. Their role however has always been conciliatory. The Green Flight was the only brood of dragons to let their splintergroup, the Ivy Flight, separate in peace.

The Blue Flight
Wardens of Water. Once upon time the Blue Flight was at odds with the Red Flight, the broods were ambitious – each one wanted to be at the forefront. The rivalries of each flight were said to play out into strategies that took centuries to unfold. Now in the 4th Age, that competition is more in the political machinations of the red and blue successor flights with the Republic. The original Blue Flight roosts in the semi-mythical Slipstream, a cavernous rift cut into the bottom of some ocean floor, somewhere within Avalore.

The Violet Flight
Wardens over arcane magic. They rule over Alexandria. Its a flying skying city and its cool and shit okay? I’m really tired…

The Indigo Flight
For thousands of years, hearsay of a 7th flight has remained persistent amongst the redblooded. These rumors always have to remain whisperings however, for the elder flights have vehemently denied these claims; and as it is with these sorts of conspiracies, loosed tongues can translate into loosed heads. The Senate has legislated similar manners for anyone foolish enough to agitate this taboo topic.

Elder Dragonflights

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