“What are you racist?” – General Donatorix on humans

Humans are the bulk of the Archaïan Republic. And through the Republic, humans have guided the politics, fought the wars, and paved the way to what Archaîon is today. The ambition of humans has made them Avalore’s dominant power.

While Humans today are seen (or more correctly see themselves) as fearless pioneers of civilization, they are the newest of the civilized races. In the Age of Elves, they were barbarians on the fringes of Elvendom. In their humble beginnings, humans crawled around in the mud while the elves and dwarves lived in illustrious kingdoms. Though barbaric, they certainly weren’t Deredar and seemed more eager for a better life than conquest. In Campagnia, these migrations brought substantial population into elven city states. The bemused elves began initiating humans into their civilization. Humans had been imparted with the knowledge of Elves but retained their feverish ambition. Infrastructure projects swelled, armies exploded with new human recruits, swaths of woodlands were cleared to increase productivity. For perhaps two centuries, these conditions worked well for the Elves and their cities. But the humans did not stop there. In Archaîon, when human numbers began to escalate, they questioned their role and the role of the Elven government, resulting in the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of the [[Archaîan Republic | republic]]. When the elves eventually began their Exodus, the humans quickly inherited their legacy. Even Archaîon was once a great Elven city-state. And to this day, the humans have not stopped.

A late Elven philosopher was cataloging his thoughts on the different races when he began to have trouble with the humans. The line of thought that he was using was that one can learn the most about a race and its society by examining what is was that the collective whole particularly valued or desired. He starts simple with the Elves, pertly asserting that being a virtuous person was the sound path to happiness. Next he moved unto the Trollkin, where he gave a patronizing summary on their need for material wealth. For the Grey Elves, he lampooned their lust for social status. The author then drew parallels with the Dwarves, musing whether a dwarf’s apparent workcoholism and alcoholism were even coincidence at all. When talking about the Deredar, it was glaringly obvious that they idolized strength. And lastly for the short folk, this need to have recognizable deeds that you will be remembered for. It was a tacit and eloquent summary of all the races and their societies until the humans. The problem for humans was that their society seemed to have elements from all of the aforementioned races. Though in fairness, the Archaîans did not exhibit the same intensity for all of these desires as strongly as the other races respectively. The elf was unable to pin anything unique unto the humans and became quite frustration. But out of his annoyance came his own solution. In the end the elf concluded that is was this diversity that made the humans stand out from all the other races. And to this day, as far as perceptions and stereotypes go, elven wisdom holds out once again.

The question isn’t where humans live, but rather, where they don’t. It’s simply fact that humans are prolific wherever they are found. Common knowledge however could show that humans tend to live in Western Avalore, while Grey Elves, Half Elves, and Trollkin live in Eastern Avalore.

Two humans can have less in common with one another than any other pair of races. As of consequence, few stereotypes can be placed on humans other than regional differences and universal qualities that come from startlingly short lifespans (limited perspective, quick-tempered, overtly bold). Humans are said to be everybody’s second best friend.

Humans continue to be the fastest growing race, and through the Archaïan Republic, they are rapidly becoming the politically dominant superpower of Avalore. The elder races are seeing momentous changes within their own lifetimes, and as a result, it makes them distrustful of humans. Many believe that a time will come when Human ambition will surpass their means, resulting in a catastrophe. Only time will tell what happens to Avalore’s youngest race…

Racial Traits

  • Ability Scores: Humans receive a +1 to any ability score to represent their varied nature.
  • Fortuitous: Humans receive an extra 6 hp at 1st level.
  • All other traits can be found in core rulebook


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