Minique Theratin

Minique Theratin, more commonly known as the Elven District refers to a small enclave on The Zenith that is home to slightly less than a 100 Elves.

In history, Minique Theratin harbored a small group of Elves sympathetic to the Humans. When King Sartharian was overthrown, the sympathizers got to keep their small tract of gardens as a token of gratitude; yet future relations with the elves would be at their best frozen. Over the centuries, the Archaîans were at odds with the Elves of Minique Theratin, who seemed indifferent to the government. In 162 A.R, a Tribune accused the Elves of harboring conspirators of the state within their own district, when soldiers arrived to search the district, the Elves refused to let the Archaîans in, there had been an established precedent that non-elves weren’t allowed into the gardens without elven consent. The ensuing struggle resulted in several wounded and the destruction of the Elven Theater.

The aftermath, showed that the Elves were innocent thus reconciliations were given and the theater was restored to its full splendor. Furthermore, an agreement was offered to the Consuls in which the Elves would cooperate with the Census and allow a few civil workers in their grounds. All that was asked in turn was to keep any peacekeeping Charters out of their district and to simply respect ‘their customs’. The residing Consuls at the time, like many others, had respect for the august presence of the Elves, and magistrates quickly pointed out the area was virtually crime free anyways. Thus a treaty was signed securing the inhabitants of Minique Theratin as citizens of Archaîon, while the Elves themselves won several freedoms.

Minique Theratin is home to 98 elves which form a close-knit, clean, self sufficient community. There is rarely need to venture outside the district, and likewise, there is rarely any need for anyone that comes from the outside. Therefore the Elves only let visitors roam their gardens during special occasions. Every year at the Spring Equinox, the Elves of Minique Theratin invite members of the Senate on a tour of their gardens followed by an accompaniment of the elven arts at sunset. Needless to say, the formalities go a long way in ensuring the degrees of freedom that the Elven Enclave enjoys.

Minique Theratin

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