Playable Regions

These are all the regions a character can be from. Note that there are regions whose perks are combined with race choice and that there are regions whose perks are the race choice.

Archus Demokrati Land of Trollkin
Archus Demokrati is the ancestral land of the Trolls. It is a wet, tropical area of the world that harbors exotic wonders, rich civilizations, and ancient ruins. For the most part, Archus Demokrati stays out of the view of the West, but carries a certain allure as one of the last great vestiges of Elven culture and is an attractive destination for adventurers. The empires of Archus Demokrati are numerous. Characters from Archus Demokrati gain access to the exclusive Trollkin race.
Allowed Races: Trollkin

Campagnia Homeland of Humans
Campagnia is the central province, the keystone of the Archaîan Republic. Once an Elven collection of city states, humans now thoroughly dominate the province and from their capital at Archaîon pace themselves to dominate all other lands of the world.

Carthia Homeland of Gnomes
Carthia serves as the breadbasket of Western Avalore. Its a fertile land of farms, burrows, and shires, collectively owned, but not ruled, by the shorter-folk of Avalore. Following the conclusion of the Hycarnian Wars, Carthia passed into Archaîan ownership. The inhabitants have deep seated, magical connections to land and characters from this region choose one ancestry
Allowed Races: Gnomes, Halflings

Dun Hoger Land of Dwarves, Archaîan ally
Dun Hoger is the home region of Dwarves and almost exclusively where Dwarves are found. At the dawn of creation, Didice gave Dun Hoger to the dwarves to live, prosper, and protect at all costs. Popular saying goes that no enemy has ever set foot within Dun Hoger. The fortuitous nature of Dwarves make them ideal fighters, and thus, they are trained to be the world’s best soldiers. Characters from Dun Hoger gain access to the exclusive Dwarf race.
Allowed Races: Dwarves

The Frontiers Homeland of the Deredar
The Frontiers is a vast region of dark forests home to the cunning, war-like Deredar. Here they lurk under the sway of witches and druids scheming the destruction of all that is Archaïan. They are the enemies of the civilized world and ferocious adversaries to the Republic. Characters from The Frontiers gain access to the exclusive Deredar race.
Allowed Races: Deredar

Glittergold Isles Homeland of the Glittergold Cartel.
Glittergold Isles refers to the plethora of islands scattered through Avalore. Gnomes and Halflings primarily run the Cartel, though there are also a fair number of humans and half-elves. Adventurers from the Isles are well known as traders, merchants, sailors, and particularly good scoundrels.
Allowed Races: Gnome, Halfling, Human, Half-Elf

Harnascum Ancient land of Elves
Harnascum is an Archaîan province directly east of Campagnia by ocean travel. In ancient times, the elves lived in city states throughout Harnascum trading with one another to create a thriving culture of sciences, art, and philosophy. The greatest elves of elder tales lived in Harnascum, and when they embarked on their Exodus, the Hycarnians had been effectively defeated. Relics that hailed to the elves were scattered about the province, leading to an influx of intellectual, inquisitive immigrants.
Allowed Races: Human, Half-Elf

Nubia The Kingdom of Nubia
Nubia is the venerable homeland of the Grey Elves. For thousands of years, the Grey Elves have ruled over their sandy empire and the lesser races that they keep as slaves. Characters from Nubia gain access to the exclusive Grey Elf race.
Allowed Races: Grey Elves

Quel’ Doras Elven Kingdom
Quel’ Doras lies to the far east as a massive woodlands that spans past the knowledge of outsiders. There are no outsiders allowed into Quel’ Doras, and only Gnomes can occasionally trade with the Elves at their forests’ edge, such experiences are usually unpleasant. Thus, little can be known about the Elves that live there. Characters from Quel’ Doras gain access to the exclusive Elf race.
Allowed Races: Elves

The Shimmervale Archaîan Territory
The Shimmervale was another one of the tracts of gnomish lands seized by the Republic in the Aftermath of the War of the Crown Jewels.
Allowed Races: Gnomes

Archaîan Military Academy
This ‘region’ is actually not a region at all but is chosen like one and can be further elaborated on here.
Allowed Races: Humans, Half-Elves

Playable Regions

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