Solarian Spectrum

The Solarian Spectrum is an ancient council, a gathering of all the great wyrms representing the 7 elder dragonflights. The Spectrum has been a formidable force in the history of Avalore and its people; though its present status has somewhat diminished, the Spectrum retains the sole right to declare a new age.

The Spectrum stretches back into prehistory, long before the dragons cared to keep written or oral record. No one precisely knows why the Spectrum was created, though it is not difficult to see the initial intent of the council as a peacekeeping force that maintains the equilibrium between the 7 dragonflights.

Age of Dragons ~ The 1st Age
Little is known about the Age of Dragons, its only chronological purpose seems to be as an interim that sets prehistory apart from the Age of Elves.

Arrival of the Fey
Through the Age of Dragons, monster and dragonkind were the only two apparent denizens of Avalore, though by the end of the first age, this was evidently changing; Draconic stories recall of a new breed of creatures began to emerge from the forests, potentially from the Lost Vale. The ‘Vae’, as dragons called them, was a broadly applied term that scholastics have since then called ‘Fey’; two species of ‘Vae’ in particular would eventually transcend their categorization and catch the intrigue of both dragons and the Spectrum: El Vae and Gin Vae, Elves and Gnomes. All the Vae were intelligent, but the elves and gnomes were inquisitive of the forces that governed their surroundings – their intersection with dragons would be inevitable, and so, the Spectrum would be called to deliberate, leading to their decision to declare the Age of Elves.

Age of Elves ~ The 2nd Age
Following the Spectrum’s verdict, dragons set up formal relations with elves and gnomes, now coined ‘Vaebon’ – a Draconic word for ‘Fey kin’. The two kinds would prosper with one another. Vaebon were eager to draw from the wisdom of dragons, while dragons were equally eager to then draw from the enthusiasm of the Vaebon and their creations. The elves in particular, with long lives and desires, flourished. Much of what is attributed to elvenkind should perhaps be attributed to dragonkind. In these times, it is unclear as to who should get the credit for the architecture, the aesthetics, the arcane magic, or the philosophy. In those times of our forefathers, it didn’t matter, remarked one elf. Yet the nigh 13 millenia were not an eternity.

  • Age of Barbarians ~ The 3rd Age
    The Age of Barbarians was a deceptive legacy for the elder dragonflights. On one hand, it appeared that the Spectrum was growing stronger with each passing century. Their ties with the Vaebon were always getting tighter – and more profitable. Following Eukrotades’ conquests, the Spectrum was awarded de facto co-dominance of the East. The same Elven empire had repelled the Deredar, subjugated the humans, assimilated the trolls, and were bringing the Grey Elves into their sphere of influence.

But on the contrary, the Spectrum was already past its Epoch, sowing the seeds for its downfall. The elder dragonflights were earning the ire of those same trolls, grey elves, and humans, who were all chaffing under elven rule; and when these localized uprisings shifted their focus from the Vaebon to the dragons, the results would be cataclysmic for the The Interim of Strife.

  • Age of Sovereigns ~ The 4th Age
    Prior to the declaration of the 4th Age, the Spectrum’s situation had turned from bad to worse. Their hold on the East had all but disentegrated; trollkin had broken off from elven rule and were murdering any dragons foolish enough to remain; the grey elves had either coerced or ousted dragonkind from Nubia; then finally, the elves and humans of Harnascum had deal the greatest blow to the Spectrum, by officiating their ties with The Jeweled Flights and the formation of the Golden Federate.

In the West, the situation was comparably abysmal. The elven kingdoms of the North had been eroding for centuries to deredar migrations. Then there was an additional set of dragons that had aided a tribe of humans in overthrowing the elves of Aer’Shiel. Despite the efforts of the surrounding city states, this human-centric republic was quickly bringing Campagnia under its militaristic heel.

In short, the declaration of the 4th Age was little more than a grandiose concession of defeat. With conclusion of the Exodus, the Spectrum no longer held any power over any race of Avalore.

  • Present Day ~ 372 of the 4th Age
    The elder dragons remain secluded in their lairs on the frayed ends of civilization – no one is sure if the Spectrum even congregates anymore, though the Ivy Flight attests that the Spectrum is alive and well. And with fair speculation, the elder broods might be in a stronger position than recently before. While a number of dragons from the elder flights defected or perished in the wars of the 3rd Age, many centuries have passed. Even with a dragon’s sluggish fertility, the Spectrum would be well on its way to recovering their numbers by the millenium mark. Then on the contrary, the Concord of the Flights has recently (relatively) seen their numbers plummet following the conclusion of the War of the Crown Jewels and the extermination of the Jeweled Flights.

Now, the Republic is pained by political violence. The Patricians now have to be wary of both the elder flights and the political assassins. Soon Avalore could know firsthand exactly how strong or weak the Spectrum’s position is…

Solarian Spectrum

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