The Races

“They all bleed red.” -General Donatorix

The Races listed below are the playable one – for now. When reading these articles keep in mind that, while each of the races now have distinctive personalities (The Elves are stoic isolationists, the Trollkin are savage hedonists, the dwarves are completely and totally entrenched in tradition, etc.) these sweeping generalizations only apply to a “common” member of that race. By being an adventurer, your character is by default something different than his stereotype would say. In other words, don’t feel you have the roleplay exactly the way your kind are.

Scroll all the way down on each page to get hold of the racial traits. Almost every race has been changed.

Each race has a few classes mentioned. These aren’t limitations on race-class combinations, they’re more like insights.

Deredar – A ferocious, honor-bound race, lurking beyond The Frontiers, convinced of the inherent weaknesses of civilization.

Dwarves – The ascendants of constructs; steeped in clan tradition and bound by law to never settle outside the sacred grove Dun Hoger.

Elves – An ever changing race responsible for the past glories of Avalore, yet now in a self imposed exiled in the forested steppes of Quel’Doras.

Gnomes – Traders, sailors, adventurers as curious to explore the world as they are to simply dwell in their burrows.

Grey Elves – An exclusively female race of dark skinned elves living in the semitropical river basin of Nubia.

Half-Elves – The successors of Elven legacy, a power that has been long gone.

Halflings – A vagrant race oppressed by the taller folk.

Humans – The backbone of the [[ArchaĆ®an Republic]].

Trollkin – Rapacious jungle dwellers of the far east, whose ancient empires stretch back to the beginning of Avalore itself.

The Races

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