Wall of Shame

“You know that doesn’t help your: I don’t want to have a boyfriend claim” -Ryan Schenning to Choppa

“You don’t want to use your action points on a Kraken” -Bagel

“I don’t get to sneak attack it if I flank it” -Ryan Schenning

“Yea it’s unnatural, but its what is on the inside that counts, right?” -Ryan Schenning on becoming a Mindflayer

“That’s a shame, you rolled like two 20’s” – Greg

Tripper: “Ok, I bluff to Clue and Lars that if they aren’t coming, they’ll never make it back to the material plane”
Ryan (DM): “You don’t bluff players, you lie to them”
Tripper (to players): “I lie to you”

Wells (DM): Bagel, can you make Friday night?
Bagel: Yeah.
Wells: Ok we need to find Keith and make sure with him; how do we catch a Keith?
Bagel: I love with him.

Wall of Shame

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