House Monk

Broken Bell Style

Practitioners of the Broken Bell Style train to not ring when struck, to remain unmoved by their environment. They temper their bodies with physical trials, to become as resilient as rock. Feat Path: Broken Bell Style, Broken Bell Resilience, Broken

Broken Bell Style
Prerequisites: Power Attack, Monk 2
Benefits: Gain damage reduction 1/-; Furthermore following a power attack, characters substitute their strength in place of dexterity to determine Armor Class.

Broken Bell Resilience
Prerequisites: Broken Bell Stance, Monk 5
Benefits: Increase to damage reduction 2/-; Characters struck by critical hits are treated as having ‘light fortification’.

Broken Bell Silence
Prerequisites: Broken Bell Stance, Rock Parting Water, Monk 7
Benefits: Increase to damage reduction 3/-; As an immediate action, a monk of the Broken Bell Style can try to avoid serious harm from an attack, through sheer force of will. The monk must make a Will save with a DC equal to the damage that would be dealt by the attack. If the save succeeds, the monk takes half damage from the attack and the damage is nonlethal. The monk must elect to use this ability after the attack roll is made, but before the damage is rolled. Using this ability costs 1 ki point; if the save is unsuccessful, the point is lost.

Peacock Style

Those who take from the Peacock style learn to utilize their clothing as an extension of their body. In the hands of a Peacock master, loose flowing clothing can become a means of deception, bewilderment, and diversion. Feat Path: Peacock Style, Peacock Flourish, Peacock Dreams

Peacock Style
Prerequisites: Monk 2
Benefits: While in stance and fighting defensively, all melee attack rolls made against the monk are treated as ‘dazzled’; furthermore as a standard action, a monk may fan out his clothing and entrap those that can see him as spell ‘Lullaby’ (Will save DC is 1/2 Monk Level + Wis).

Peacock Flourish
Prerequisites: Peacock Style, Monk 5
Benefits: Melee attack rolls made against the monk are treated as ‘shaken’ – in addition to effects prior. While in stance, a Peacock monk may flourish his robes and expend 1 ki point to gain a shield bonus to armor as spell ‘Silk to Steel’ [UM] (Use Monk level as caster level).

Peacock Dreams
Prerequisites: Peacock Flourish, Monk 7
Benefits: In addition to effects prior, any enemy delivering a melee attack to a monk in Peacock Style is considered ‘Flatfooted’ till the beginning of its next turn. In addition, in the event of a miss, the monk may choose to expend 1 ki point to effect his enemy as spell ‘Confusion’ for 1 round – no save.

House Monk

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